Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching

Since 2009, Career Connections, in partnership with the AoEC, has graduated over 90 Accredited Executive Coaches in East Africa through the AoEC Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching programme. This programme provides participants with an opportunity to develop as coaches using a blended learning environment that includes an interactive online platform. 

PD-3The Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching is held over a series of 3 two-day modules, plus a Live Action Coaching Day (LACD) session, over a period of four months. Participants have the option of adding onto the Diploma the two-day ICF accredited Hogan Assessment Systems training that will allow them to incorporate leadership assessments into their coaching services, ensuring maximum transformation for their clients. Our faculty are internationally accredited Executive Coaches, who coach at senior and executive level in large organizations in East Africa.

Unique benefits:

  • Accredited by all three global accrediting bodies: ICF- ACSTH, EMCC, AC, APECS.
  • University credits for a Masters degree in Executive Coaching in with Middlesex University.
  • Full ICF 60 coach specific training hours, Associate Certified Coach (ACC® PA) Accreditation.
  • Develop your own defined signature coaching model. Our programme is not limited to one coaching model or methodology.
  • A fully researched programme, with practical global case studies, updated annually by leading coaches internationally
  • A blended learning environment that combines class work, online e-learning platform, group exercises, one-on-one supervision and group tutorials.
  • Leadership Assessment for delegates at start of programme to help in their self-awareness and coaching development.
  • Experiential learning environment through a comprehensive process of psychological and theoretical input, coach practice, observations and reflective space.
  • Supervised coaching practice sessions and coaching demonstrations by senior executive coaches in the region.
  • Personal learning support during and after the Diploma.
  • Access to a community of practicing coaches in large and multinational companies in the Region.
  • Accredited CPD/CCE events for graduates facilitated by world renowned experts and authors on coaching, and regular networking sessions.
  • Each session facilitated by 2 experienced faculty, with over six years of coach training experience East Africa.
  • Designed for senior leaders who want to broaden their leadership skills by incorporating coaching, to grow in their own self-awareness and who want to practice executive coaching.

By taking the Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching programme, you will discover how to:

  • Build strong, professional client relationships based upon trust, respect and rapport.
  • Draw upon a significant body of psychologically grounded coaching skills to promote client development, encourage breakthrough and deepen understanding.
  • Align coaching to leadership, business and organizational context.
  • Manage effective closure to exceed client, coach and sponsor expectations
  • Enhance your core coaching skills in practice sessions with direct and immediate feedback
  • Establish peer coaching relationships to promote coaching practice
  • Learn how to utilize consulting skills in a coaching context
  • Experience supervised coaching practice
  • Understand how your own experience of organizations influences your approach





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