Leader As Coach

Research shows that coaching behaviours of managers at higher levels of the organizational hierarchy will influence the behaviours of managers at lower levels.

This three-day programme will provide leaders in organizations with awareness and experience of coaching at senior management level. It is designed for organizations who want to equip their top managers with the skills needed to demonstrate a more interactive, on the moment and relationship building kind of leadership and coaching style.  It aims to enable leaders to get the best out of their middle managers through a balanced use of active Listening and constructive feedback, to overcome poor or ineffective relationships with peers as well as middle managers for effective action planning.

Programme Content

  • Equip senior Leaders in the Organization with skills needed for development-oriented coaching conversations with their managers
  • Provide skills to enable senior leaders to manage a brief and intensive coaching encounters, and to enable them to begin to operate as  Leader-As-Coaches
  • Raise awareness of senior leaders as a coaches
  • Bring clarity to the distinctions between coaching and mentoring.
  • Highlight the elements of leadership versatility: The all rounded leader – forceful, operational, enabling and strategic leadership styles
  • Discover alternatives to giving advice
  • Learn how to use an effective four stage GROW  model, plus Solutions Focused Coaching and Situational Leadership Model
  • Learn when to coach for development
  • Learn about the contemporary leadership styles used by high level leaders in the corporate world: Goleman’s 6 Leadership Styles