Executive Coaching Certificate for Managers

Executive Coaching Certificate for Managers (ECCM) programme is designed to equip managers with coaching skills as a vital leadership approach, and offers 12 coach specific training hours, required by the ICF and EMCC at Practitioner and Advanced Diploma level.

70-org-trained-aoecThis three day (modular) ICF and EMCC  accredited in-house programme is designed to help organizations embed a culture of coaching, providing managers with vital coaching skills as part of their leadership approach. The purpose of the programme is to equip middle to senior level managers in organizations with the skills needed to hold formal coaching conversations with their teams. Managers are often unaware that using a non-directive approach can empower, increase commitment, improve communication and enhance the effectiveness of their teams. The Executive Coaching Certificate for Managers programme is therefore designed to enhance managers' leadership skills.

Our in house certificate process is unique in that it:

  • Is EMCC and ICF accredited.
  • Has supervised coaching practice sessions.
  • Incorporates pre-training online assessment tools for coaches.
  • Has coaching tool kits to support learning.
  • Provides comprehensive participant booklets for the workshops.
  • Is facilitated by senior, active and accredited executive coaches.
  • Offers 12 coach specific training hours, required by the ICF and EMCC at Practitioner and Advanced Diploma level.
  • Learner Readiness and Transfer of Learning ensured through Pre and Post training interactive learning sessions.
  • Provides additional support  to help embed a coaching culture in organizations.
  • Has support for in-house sensitization programmes.
  • Tailor made content which is bespoke to specific client needs.
  • There is support for the development of coaching frameworks.
  • Online coaching portals accessible by all trained coaches.
  • Coaching launch events in client organizations facilitated by a Career Connections Executive.

This programme enables participants to:

  • Build collaborative and productive relationships with their colleagues, subordinates and clients.
  • Influence the organizational culture by modeling and authentically promoting a coaching style.
  • Undertake performance coaching (for managers), and situational coaching (for more senior leaders) of their teams following on from performance discussions.
  • Effectively get the best out of people and, in particular, support them to take more responsibility, recognize the resources they can bring to solve problems they face rather than feeling stuck, to think through difficulties, and to challenge them to see the issue from different perspectives.
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