Systemic Team Coaching

John Leary-Joyce, CEO and founder of the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), UK

In September this year, we will bring you the ‘Systemic Team Coaching’ workshop, for our graduated Diploma level coaches, as part their continuous professional development.

Now more than ever, organizations are looking at how to motivate and manage their teams in a period of change and uncertainty.

The time is ripe in the coaching market to differentiate Team Coaching from other forms of team or group development, and to extend the definition and body of theory and practice of Team Coaching.

This highly interactive workshop will introduce coaches to Systemic Team coaching, and how they can introduce this in their organizations.

 John Leary Joyce



John Leary-Joyce is the Founder and President of the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), having worked with his team to rapidly develop the organization into a prestigious brand with International accreditation and University recognition. Prior to that he was the Managing Director of the Gestalt Centre Ltd, UK, growing the business fourfold in eight years and receiving a Company Director Diploma with the Institute of Directors.

As a result, he has the expertise in focusing on improving business capability and in coaching executives/managers/partners on how to develop their personal competence to lead their businesses more successfully.

He is an experienced coach trainer and supervisor and an accredited coach with Association of Professional Executive Coaches & Supervisors (APECS) and the Association for Coaching (AC).

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