Enhancing the Impact of Executive Coaching On Leadership In Organizations

by Dr. Erik De Haan, Director, Ashridge Center for Coaching, London, UK

Career Connections recently hosted the ‘Enhancing the Impact of Executive Coaching on Leadership in Organizations' Workshop. This CPD (Continuous Professional Development) / CCE (Continuous Coach Education) workshop focused on the factors that have been shown to make coaching effective by presenting the 'Leadership Shadow' behaviors that most leaders bring to coaching conversations.

The workshop discussed how to recognize and avoid derailment, hubris and overdrive. Every leader has a personal leadership profile, with their own highly personal ‘derailer’ tendencies, or ‘strands’ of personality that emerge at different times, and in many shades of intensity.

Understanding this therefore helps leaders and executive coaches to identify when traits are constructive and productive, and when they become problematic and counterproductive.

Other topics covered in the workshop included:

  • The latest research into Psychotherapy and its relevance in coaching. 
  • Latest research and trends in executive coaching
  • Common factors in coaching research
  • Latest perspectives on executive coaching
  • Trends in leadership practice

Dr Erick

The Ashridge Business School is in the top 1% of 7,000 business schools globally to be accredited by all three major executive education bodies: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. They pride in consistent ranking as a leading Business School in the Global top 20 in Business Week rankings for Open and Custom programmes.

Dr. Erik De Haan is a Professor of Organization Development and Coaching at the VU University Amsterdam, and author of ten books including ‘Coaching with Colleagues’, ‘Fearless Consulting’, ‘Relational Coaching’, ‘Supervision in Action and Behind Closed Doors- stories from the coaching room’.

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