Continuous Professional Development

As part of our leadership development approach, we help raise leaders’ level of self-awareness and understanding of the impact of their leadership behaviours so as to help them achieve leadership versatility.

Career Connections uses a validated online leadership development assessment called the Hogan LEAD, to generate a series of reports on the leaders Potential, Challenges, Values. We combine that with the leadership 360 Feedback assessments called the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI). Building on the feedback of those assessments that is delivered by a trained executive coach, leaders then are assisted to design their personal Change Agendas, against which progress is then monitored using the Progress Reports. Our panel of selected executive coaches is helping transform individuals, as well as organizations through our fully integrated leadership development focused executive coaching.

With over 6 years of experience in coaching and coach development across a range of industries, sectors and geographies, Career Connections, through their partnership with the AoEC, offers a wide range of executive coaching services to their clients to support talent management, succession planning, employee engagement and leadership development initiatives.