Career Connections has established itself as the leading coaching and mentoring development firm in the region and, is committed to working with organizations to ensure the success of both coaching and mentoring as key leadership approaches in businesses. Mentoring can improve workforce development by preparing the next generation of leaders. It also helps to attract and retain employees by offering opportunities to enhance skills and knowledge.

Research shows that coaching behaviours of managers at higher levels of the organizational hierarchy will influence the behaviours of managers at lower levels.

Want to understand coaching as powerful and effective leadership approach? The Executive Coaching Certificate (ECC – Open), enhances your effectiveness as a person, and improves your communication with friends, family, colleagues as well as clients

Executive Coaching Certificate for Managers (ECCM) programme is designed to equip managers with coaching skills as a vital leadership approach, and offers 12 coach specific training hours, required by the ICF and EMCC at Practitioner and Advanced Diploma level.

Hogan Assessment Certification Workshop (HAC): Leadership assessments are often the first step towards establishing a successful coaching relationship. This workshop accords coaches the ability to provide their clients with accurate feedback about their leadership behaviors, ‘de-railers’ and values that helps set accurate coaching objectives