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I have found that it was absolutely the right thing for me to have undertaken the Diploma in Executive coaching programme with CC. Coaching is never really well understood even by longstanding HR practitioners. The programme made it crystal clear what coaching is all about, and how to coach based on who you are and your personal styles. Businesses the world over will only be able to maximize on the productivity of their best people when they embrace coaching as a way of life. So to the HR practitioner who can inculcate coaching into the organisation’s culture, he/she will have transformed the organization by instilling the very fundamentals of business success into the organization.

Career Connections – I found them to be quite professional, which I appreciated. They delivered on what they said they would, which I think is important. They were timely and able to accommodate big and small requests. The combination of professionalism and delivering what it says on the box and a little bit more actually, is a credit to Career Connections.

Career Connections are dependable. They’re reliable and the quality of their work has never let us down. They have been excellent partners for us on this particular journey. In terms of the AoEC programme, I certainly did not doubt that the quality of the programme is one that has been well researched, well thought through. When you see who you are accredited to, when you look at the global platform, it makes a world of sense to take this particular programme with Career Connections and the AoEC.

Career Connections are very professional in terms of the way they have done this programme. I must say that the caliber of the coaching, guidance, online support, one-on-one sessions were to any international standard. Well done, Career Connections. And I’d like to say thank you for introducing this to the market, it is worth every cent and it’s something that stays with you for life.

Career Connections is a very forward looking organization. Coaching was something that was unheard of in this country. It was a bold step on their part to bring coaching to East Africa and they have managed very well. Innovation seems to be a core value of theirs. It’s an admirable organization.